How We Started

In 2013, I moved from downtown Chicago to rural Colorado. I loved the access to the outdoors and the new activities suddenly available to me in my backyard. After splitting time between Colorado and New Mexico for a couple of years, I finally made Santa Fe my home.

Luckily when I first arrived out west, I made great friends who loaned me gear for camping trips, hiking adventures, and even my first mountain bike ride. Trying new activities and figuring out your favorite outdoor pursuits can be intimidating, not to mention cost-prohibitive. I started Atalaya Outfitters so that everyone in Santa Fe and the surrounding communities can access great outdoor gear for reasonable prices.

Why Upcycled Gear?

Affordability, Accessibility, and Environmental Friendliness!

Sellers can clear out their gear closet and let go of that jacket that just never quite fit right without the hassle of managing items online.

Buyers get gently used gear for the sport they have always wanted to try, outfit the kid who is growing too fast, or find that one vintage piece that got away.

Re-using gear reduces the demand for producing new goods and slows down the cycle of fast fashion.

Why Atalaya Outfitters?
Simply put, hiking Atalaya is one of my favorite year-round activities! When I am stressed, need a different perspective, or just want to get outside, I head up high and soak in the view.